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IPCEDU 2020 - Proceedings E-Book

Participants who make presentation at the International Pegem Education Conference (IPCEDU-2020) may apply for their papers to be published as a book chapter in the IPCEDU-2020 Full Paper Proceedings Book. The applied papers should be in the book format and the writers should revise their texts according to the given feedbacks by the session chairs and audience during their presentations. The application criteria for papers are mentioned below.
The applications will be made between Novenber 11 and Novenber 20, 2020. The applied papers will be evaluated between November 20 and November 25, 2020 by evaluation committee, field editor and editor and the writers will be informed about the results on December 2, 2020. The e-book will be published until December 7, 2020.

Acceptance criteria for the chapters of IPCEDU-2020 Full Paper Proceedings Book:
  • Chapters should be minimum 5, maximum 15 pages (“Calibri” 10-point size and single-spaced).
  • The subject of the chapters should be included by at least one of the themes and should be parallel to the main theme.
  • Chapters should be either in Turkish or English and should not be grammatically problematic.
  • The papers will be controlled for plagiarism and if the paper contains parts without reference, the application will be out of evaluation. The exact quotations, even if they are given reference, should not be more than 15% and the references used should be listed in the reference list.
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